Basic SEO Guidelines For Web Developers

The purpose of this document is to provide an easyto-understand guide to website architecture, basic design guidelines and ecommerce SEO tips.

Basic SEO Guidelines For Web Developers

Make pages primarily for users not for search engines such as Google

Make site with a clear hierarchy and links. Every page should be reachable from at least one static text link. HTML sitemap (consists of hierarchical listings of the pages) can be used to display the structure of the site. HTML Sitemap is usually placed on the footer so that the very deepest level of content is reachable to the crawler within 3-4 clicks, effectively flattening the site architecture. Nordstrom, has a well-optimized HTML sitemap.

Use Keywords to create descriptive, human friendly URL Structure If the content is accessible throughout multiple ways implement a 301 redirect or rel=”canonical” attribute on the duplicate URL(s).

What happens when a user removes part of a URL? prepare site to show content in such situations or have a custom 404 page with links to other pages they might want to go to. In the below example removing ”tablelamps” from the url will take users to ”furniture” category.
Ensure breadcrumb navigation is present.

Apply the following best practice on page templates: unique title, unique description, unique H1’s & Optimised alt tags

Use schema markups and social media Open graph protocols in the page template.